About Us

Mashreq's Asset Management business was established in 2004 to bring in best in class solutions covering the wider Middle Eastern and North African region. We offer comprehensive investment solutions leveraging on our regional investment expertise and fundamental research capability to deliver to your specific requirements.

Our solutions include the Makaseb family of mutual funds domiciled in Bahrain, DFSA regulated Mashreq Capital Funds and, Discretionary Accounts.

Currently we manage 4 funds a number of Discretionary portfolios for family offices, institutional investors and Ultra High Net worth Induviduals. Mashreq Capital has been at the forefront of opening opportunities for its investors in the Middle East across conventional and sharia complaint strategies. Our regional expertise in the equity and Fixed Income space has made our mutual funds and services, the vehicles of choice for sophisticated investors, both domestic and international with leading global Financial Institutions, Pension funds and Government Authorities amongst our clients.

Our Accounts and funds are benchmarked against internationally recognized indices, which facilitate portfolio optimization and enables investors to judge our long term performance against appropriate benchmarks. We have inculcated a 'fiduciary culture' within the Asset Management team. This culture ensures that our funds and portfolio managers are held accountable to the highest standards applicable to the Asset Management industry globally.

At Mashreq, we believe our greatest strength is our people and thus we have always invested in having one of the best team of investment professionals who carry a wealth of experience from global names.

Mashreq is committed and dedicated to expanding its Asset Management business, part of the Treasury and Capital Markets Group. Asset Management unit, is positioning itself as a long-term business that will continue to expand to become a top provider of investment management services in the region.

We are continuously striving to expand our product offerings and improve the quality of our investment products in order to bring world class practices to the region. Our product suite carries the "Best in Class" ratings and awards.

  • Group Information

    Mashreq has provided banking and financial services to millions of customers and businesses since 1967.

  • Regulator

    At Mashreq Asset Management, we have always chosen the most stringent financial regulators available in the region for our funds in order to protect our client’s interest.