At Mashreq Asset Management, we have always chosen the most stringent financial regulators available in the region for our funds in order to protect our client’s interest. A regulator’s responsibility entails authorization and supervision of collective investment schemes ("CIS").

CIS are also commonly known as funds/schemes. CIS are established for the purpose of investing the pooled funds of investors (held as units or shares) in assets in accordance with investment objectives and investment policies published in the funds offering documents.

Central Bank of Bahrain

The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) is the regulator for the Makaseb family of funds. Formerly known as Bahrain Monetary Agency (BMA), it was established in 1973, shortly after Bahrain gained its independence from the United Kingdom. Since inception, the CBB has assumed responsibility for encouraging the growth of Bahrain as a major international financial centre.

The CBB also has the responsibility of managing the foreign currency cash reserves of the Kingdom. It has been responsible for the regulation of all banking and related financial institutions from its founding. It has established a close working relationship with international institutions that are active in the area of financial sector supervision and regulations, and the development of good corporate governance practices. These relationships have allowed the CBB to develop a world-class regulatory system that ensures that Bahrain’s financial institutions operate on equal standards to those in place in major international financial centers.

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Dubai Financial Services Authority

Dubai Financial Services Authority is the regulator for the Mashreq Capital funds.

The Dubai Financial Services Authority is the sole independent regulator of all financial and ancillary services conducted through the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), a purpose-built free zone in Dubai.

The DFSA’s regulatory mandate covers asset management, banking and credit services, securities, collective investment funds, custody and trust services, commodities futures trading, Islamic finance, insurance, an international equities exchange and an international commodities derivatives exchange.

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Irish Financial Regulator

The Mashreq Arab Tigers fund, being domiciled in Ireland, is regulated by the Irish Financial Regulator.

The Financial Regulator was established on 1 May 2003 following a decision by the Irish government to set up the Central Bank of Ireland as the Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland.

The Financial Regulator’s remit includes monitoring the financial soundness of individual institutions, in addition to wide-ranging consumer protection powers.

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